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  • Dr. Jim Richards

    Wired for Success

    Motivational help is often full of gimmicks, tricks and thinking positive and only works for 15% of the population. Positive affirmations can actually add more stress if they aren�t in agreement with the true beliefs of your heart, because the contradiction causes friction. Jim teaches us how to move these boundaries, influence your internal beliefs, so you CAN use positive thinking, affirmations, and everything we have learned about success and they will actually start to work because you believe the truth about you.

    8 one hour episodes

  • Will & Susie Davis


    They say a good marriage is a lot of work--but Susie Davis says it can be a lot of fun. In this series, we share the secrets of understanding a husband's needs and meeting them using biblical wisdom, practical sense, and a bit of feminine charm.

    4 one hour episodes

  • Dr. Jim Richards

    Emotional Baggage

    On Live Transformed, you�ll hear how to: Turn any failure into a success. Discover God�s untapped inner resources. Put an end to disillusionment. Say goodbye to hopelessness. Discover why you resist the changes you want. Experience transformation power.

    8 one hour episodes

  • Andrew Farley

    God Without Religion

    Andrew Farley's experience as a Christian was first characterized by self-effort as he tried to please God at any cost. His ruthless religion resulted in spiritual burnout and disillusionment with church. Only then did he discover what relaxing in Jesus means and how enjoying God's intimate presence can transform everyday life.

    5 one hour episodes

  • Dr. Jim Richards

    Discover the Real You

    In this groundbreaking 8-week series, Dr. Jim Richards will shatter the ultimate illusion that limits believers. He�ll help you connect to a new sense of self-worth that will unleash the power of God in your life in a way you�ve never experienced. For the first time, you�ll know THE REAL YOU!

    8 one hour episodes

  • Dr. Jim Richards

    Peace: The Perfect Solution

    God, in His great love for man, judged the sin of the world in Jesus. Because His wrath and righteous judgment have already taken place, man in now free to enter into a peaceful relationship with a holy God. God wants you to live in a harmonious relationship with Him and a harmonious relationship with people. This can only happen when you have peace. Discover the keys to experiencing the peace of God in your life and your relationships through this exciting series. It will change your life!

    8 one hour episodes

Let Our Many Guests Help You Wherever You Are In Life
To Bring Hope To Your Situation And A Way To Live Transformed.

  • W. Paul Young

    The Shack - 4 Part Series
  • Bonnie Chavda

    Power of a Women
  • Joan Hunter

    Supernatural Provision
  • Dr. Kevin Leman

    Have a New You By Friday - 3 Part Series
  • James Goll

    A Radical Faith - 3 Part Series
  • Gregory Jantz

    Hope, Help & Healing for Eating Disorders
  • Dr. Doug Weiss

    30 Day Marriage Makeover
  • Dr. Doug Weiss

    Intimacy Anorexia - 2 Part Series
  • Stephen DeSilva

    Money and the Prosperous Soul - 3 Part Series

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